Vocia VPSI-1

The VPSI-1 device is designed to allow third party microphones and LED indicators to interface as slave devices to the Vocia Wall Station and Desk Station (WS-4/10 and DS-4/10) series microphones and to the Vocia Input 6 (VI-6) device for paging via the Paging Ports. Up to four VPSI-1 interfaces can be connected per VI-6 when configured for Vocia Auxiliary Microphone mode. The VPSI-1 can also facilitate third party microphones and control system interfacing with Vocia standard and Emergency Wall and Desk Stations (WS-4/10, EWS-4/10 and DS-4/10). The host Paging Station must be configured for ‘Remote Control’ mode within the software.

  • Slave interface to Vocia Paging Stations and VI-6 devices
  • Breakout connections for visual feedback of paging and zone status
  • Suitable for surface mounting
  • Audio, power and control over a single Ethernet cable
  • Power is provided by the host device
  • IP30 Compliant
  • CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ 5-year warranty
Case Studies