Vocia VAM-1

The VAM-1 device is an independent microphone assembly that functions as a slave device to the Vocia Wall and Desk Station (WS-4/10 and DS-4/10) series microphones and to the Vocia Input 6 (VI-6) for paging via the Paging Ports. Up to four VAM-1 slave microphones can be connected per VI-6. The VAM-1 incorporates a push-to-talk (PTT) switch and has LED indication of the Wait, Talk Now, and Unavailable paging states. The microphone latch is magnetic for easy docking to the cradle. Power is provided by the host device.

  • Slave interface to Vocia Paging Stations and VI-6 devices
  • Visual LED feedback of paging and zone status
  • Suitable for surface mounting
  • Audio, power and control over a single Ethernet cable
  • Power is provided by the host device
  • IP30 Compliant
  • CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant
  • EN 54-16 certified
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ 5-year warranty
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