Vocia VA-2060

The VA-2060 is a digital networked two-channel amplifier for use in Vocia systems. It is capable of delivering continuous audio power at 60 Watts RMS per channel. The VA-2060 is CobraNet® enabled for audio and control with dynamic use of bundles. Two RJ-45 connectors on the rear panel provide redundant CobraNet connectivity to the Vocia network. The on-board DSP provides comprehensive fixed-chain, digital signal processing within the device. In addition, emergency messages are stored in local non-volatile memory. Page active relay outputs provide a contact closure per channel when paging is active on the channel. The amplifier offers low impedance and constant voltage outputs. The VA-2060 also has comprehensive failover capability with device-to-device and channel-to-channel failover.

  • Two channels of 60W RMS per channel
  • Transformer coupled outputs, low impedance (4 or 8Ω) or 25V, 70V or 100V (hardware selectable)
  • Comprehensive failover: Device-to-device and all-to-1 channel
  • Supports Page Active Relay (PAR), ELD-1 and ANC-1
  • Local non-volatile storage of emergency messages
  • Software-configurable signal processing including volume control, filters, compressor/limiting, delay, speaker equalization, and output sensitivity
  • LED status and signal indication
  • CobraNet audio/control with dynamic use of available bundles
  • Dual Ethernet ports for redundancy
  • Rotary switches for device identification
  • Rack mountable (2RU)
  • EN 54-16 certified, CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant
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