Power your networked paging and voice evacuation with Vocia

Networked paging and voice evacuation have never been more powerful. Using current IT technology, Vocia provides a superior alternative to traditional centralized processing and routing. See our Introduction to Vocia



Vocia's distributed networked approach gives you unprecedented flexibility, scalability, intelligibility, and reliability. Thanks to decentralized network architecture, Vocia meets modern paging demands while eliminating the potential for a single point of system failure. That means if one part of the system fails, the rest will continue operating as normal, without interruption.

Vocia was designed to meet the exacting specifications and requirements demanded of professional-grade, multipurpose paging systems and provide a future proof solution. In addition, Vocia is both EN 54-16 product certified and RINA certified, and can be used in solutions that require compliance.


You can depend on Vocia to work properly, day after day, from the simplest overhead paging applications to the most advanced paging and voice evacuation systems spanning multiple zones and structures.

To lower installation costs, Vocia uses standard IP technologies such as CobraNet® and VoIP, and integrates with existing IP networks for multi-site installations. Like all of our devices, Vocia includes Biamp's unmatched sound quality and reliability. You can depend on Vocia for sound that moves people.

Biamp Systems Vocia Networked Public Address and Voice Evacuation Systems