The GPIO-1 is a networked device that serves as an extension interface between a Vocia system and emergency or fire alarm systems when used in conjunction with a Vocia® enhanced life safety interface (LSI-16e) or independently for connection to general purpose control systems. The GPIO-1 provides sixteen general purpose inputs and sixteen general purpose outputs to control various aspects of a Vocia system. The GPIO-1 is a monitored device and can be used in life safety applications where more logic inputs or outputs are required. The GPIO-1 has dual powering from PoE Ethernet ports and alternate powering from dual 24V DC inputs. In the event of power loss changeover between power sources will provide uninterrupted operation.

  • Accepts triggering of recorded message page codes – requires MS-1 to support functionality
  • Sixteen general purpose logic inputs and sixteen general purpose outputs
  • Device monitoring
  • Able to be used to directly interface with fire alarm and emergency equipment (system must have LSI-16e available)
  • PoE capable with alternate powering from auxiliary 24V DC supply (dual inputs)
  • Software-configurable
  • Control over a single Ethernet cable
  • Dual Ethernet ports for redundancy
  • Each general purpose input can be programmed as TTL, high range or monitored high range
  • General purpose inputs allow monitoring for short to ground and open circuit
  • Rotary switches for device identification
  • IP30 Compliant
  • EN 54-16 certified, CE marked, UL listed, and RoHS compliant
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