The CI-1 Control Interface is a device that serves as a companion product to the Vocia LSI-16 and LSI-16e Life Safety Interfaces. The CI-1 requires an LSI-16 or LSI-16e for operation. Once the required interconnections have been established, the CI-1 will operate with the LSI-16 and LSI-16e to provide the necessary life safety functionality. The CI-1 also facilitates the necessary connections to the LSI-16 and LSI-16e for EN 54-16 standards compliance.

  • High reliability switches for Local Sounder Silence, System Test and System Fault Reset
  • High level sounder for Fault and Alarm warning
  • Dual 24V DC power inputs with uninterrupted failover on power loss
  • Provides terminating resistors for Alarm and Fault Inputs for LSI-16 and LSI-16e Life Safety interface devices
  • Provides terminating resistors for any unused monitored outputs for Vocia Life Safety Interface devices
  • Current limited reference voltage output
  • Rack mountable (1RU)
  • CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant
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