When installing complex audio systems, flexibility is key. Tesira SERVER-IO can support both scalable DSP and I/O in the same device, including up to three DSP-2 cards and up to 12 I/O cards, as well as AVB, Dante™, and/or CobraNet®. Tesira SERVER-IO is easily configurable, and allows you to leverage VoIP while networking multiple rooms together over AVB.

Tesira SERVER-IO can support up to 12 standard Tesira I/O cards, providing up to 48 channels of analog audio I/O such as VoIP, telephone interface, and mic and line level. Tesira SERVER-IO can be configured with up to three total audio networking cards per server. Networking card combinations can include up to one AVB-1 Audio Video Bridging network card, up to two SCM-1 CobraNet network cards, and up to two DAN-1 Dante network cards. An integral network card provides network connectivity for configuration and control of the Tesira network.

The on-board DSP features Biamp's SpeechSense™ and AmbientSense™ algorithms, which enhance speech processing by distinguishing between noise and human speech more accurately. Tesira SERVER-IO's DSP also provides extensive audio processing, including (but not limited to): signal routing and mixing, equalization, filtering, dynamics, and delay; as well as control, monitoring and diagnostic tools; all configured through the Tesira design software.

With so much flexibility in a single device, Tesira SERVER-IO can help you do more with less. That's truly a future-proof, next-generation approach.

  • Supports up to 3 DSP-2 cards
  • Up to 12 I/O cards with a maximum of 48 channels of analog audio
  • Up to 420 x 420 channels of digital I/O over AVB
  • Supports optional 32 x 32 CobraNet audio networking
  • Supports optional 64 x 64 Dante audio networking
  • System configuration and control via Ethernet or serial connection
  • Front panel OLED display for device and system information
  • SpeechSense and AmbientSense processing algorithms
  • Signal processing via intuitive software allows configuration and control for: signal routing and mixing, equalization, filtering, dynamics, delay and much more
  • Wide selection of I/O cards available
  • 4-channel Acoustic Echo Cancellation card (also includes AGC and ANC) and Ambient Noise Compensation card available
  • Extensive input, output and logic expansion devices supported as part of the Tesira digital audio networking platform
  • Rack mountable (3RU)
  • CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant
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