Why Tesira

With a Tesira server-class device as the heart of your media system, you can add other components and capabilities as needed. That means there’s no need to buy more equipment than your design calls for, which makes Tesira not just a great product, but also an economical one.

Biamp has a proud legacy of customizable and configurable medium-scale platforms. With the Tesira line of digital signal processors, that legacy expanded to include large, extra large, and super-scale systems. Thanks to Audio Video Bridging (AVB), an IEEE open standard, Tesira's networking capabilities are among the most scalable, flexible, and affordable on the market.

Tesira is Biamp’s flagship audio and video platform, and a true Networked Media System — uniting the A and V of the AV industry. The Tesira platform is loaded with audio and video processing capabilities, all of which are designed and commissioned from a single software platform, saving you time and resources.


The Tesira product family includes TesiraLUX, which transports both audio and video signals over a single network; Tesira SERVER, which can be deployed as a redundant pair; as well as SERVER-IO, TesiraFORTÉ, and several expanders. The platform offers different networking capabilities, allowing Tesira to suit a wide array of installation environments.

Tesira SERVER and SERVER-IO have the capacity for as many as 420 x 420 AVB audio channels on a single cable; and TesiraFORTÉ has 128 x 128 channels. If you're working with an existing audio system that runs CobraNet® or Dante™ protocols, Tesira allows you to seamlessly run both protocols alongside AVB. All three protocols can easily operate simultaneously, and even within the same chassis.

Biamp Systems Tesira Enterprise Level Audio Platform