nexia tc

Designed specifically to provide crisp, clear audio in teleconferencing applications, Nexia TC delivers true 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth during multiple participant conversations, with natural, true-to-life sound and full duplex transmission of speech, including doubletalk. Biamp's AEC technology also delivers increased tolerance to differing signal levels, plus faster installation and setup.

Nexia TC includes a broad selection of audio components, routing options, and signal processing. The internal system design is completely user definable via PC software, and can be controlled via dedicated software screens, RS-232 control systems, and a variety of optional remote controls. You can create multi-unit Nexia systems using Ethernet and NexLink.

  • 8 wide-band AEC balanced mic/line inputs
  • 2 standard balanced mic/line inputs
  • 4 balanced mic/line outputs
  • Telephone interface with line & set connections
  • Ethernet port for software configuration/control
  • Serial port for third-party RS-232 remote control
  • Remote control bus for dedicated control panels
  • NexLink ports for multi-unit system designs
  • Pre-configured I/O with definable processing
  • Rich set of audio tools
  • RoHS compliance and AES grounding practices
  • CE marked and UL listed
  • Covered by Biamp Systems' five-year warranty
  • Telephone Interface capabilities include:
    • Initiation of outgoing calls
    • Detection and answering of incoming calls
    • Line echo cancellation
    • TouchTone™ decoding
    • Caller ID reception
    • Call progress detection
    • Line intrusion detection
    • Continuous line status and fault monitoring
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