Biamp Systems Solutions for Education
Biamp Systems Audio Solutions for Education
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Solutions for Education

Biamp's versatile systems are capable of adapting to changing technological needs.

From small private arts colleges to major universities with 40,000+ enrollees, Biamp offers audio solutions that meet the requirements of virtually any educational institution. Our future-proof DSP combinations are designed for longevity, helping administrators achieve their AV goals while maximizing available funds. Zoned and campus-wide paging allow emergency personnel and school staff to disseminate vital information and, if needed, voice evacuation, at the push of a button. Here are some of the audio applications we provide to educational institutions:

  • Classrooms
  • Distance learning
  • Meeting rooms with multimedia capabilities
  • Modular ballrooms
  • Study rooms
  • Indoor/outdoor lounges and recreation spaces
  • Retail and food-service areas
  • Student services buildings
  • Offices of student organizations
  • Auditoriums and screening rooms

Regardless of their size, educational institutions need mass notification systems and procedures in place to protect students, staff members, and campus visitors. Mass notification systems are a collection of tools that can be deployed in different combinations, depending on the situation. Although many colleges and universities use mobile phone technology to deploy mass notifications, students tend to find this system invasive and do not sign up to receive notifications. Mobile phone notifications are also ineffective for visitors or other unaffiliated individuals visiting the campus. Biamp's Vocia family offers campus-wide paging, as well as critical incident paging. Critical incident page codes can be programmed to interrupt lectures in classrooms that are equipped with Biamp's Tesira, Audia, or Nexia devices, delivering vital messages regarding critical incidents, natural disaster warnings, evacuation notices, shelter in place orders, and more.

Biamp solutions are present in educational institutions around the world. Our intuitive user interfaces are designed with ease of operation in mind, and can be monitored online by IT staff. Our products provide clear, intelligible networked paging, as well as message announcements and schedule bells that can be deployed in individual buildings, across an entire campus or district. We offer flexible systems that can route audio from any input to any output in a facility, providing professional audio for thousands of classes and campus events each year.

System Design Guides
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Suggested Products
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The VA-2060 and VA-4030 are digital networked four-channel amplifiers designed for smaller areas and can be configured to suit your system design. No matter what the application, you can ensure all your pages will be heard.
Vocia VA-2060 and VA-4030
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Tesira SERVER-IO handles all audio processing and routing, as well as VoIP interface into the entire audio system.
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The Vocia MS-1e offers multiple paging options, including a VoIP paging interface, message playback and event scheduling.
Vocia MS-1e
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The EX-MOD expands the available channels of audio I/O, and can be easily adjusted as your facility continues to grow and add functionality to your AV system.
Tesira EX-MOD