AudiaFUSION is a solution so unique that we couldn't quite define it, so we created an entirely new category: Networked Amplified Processor. AudiaFUSION is a full-featured DSP with sufficient power to drive a system of its own. AudiaFUSION allows you to configure decentralized systems, placing components close to speakers for reduced labor and material costs. When you install AudiaFUSION in a system with AudiaFLEX, processing resources are shared. The result: a powerful, efficient system that saves money and maximizes profit. 

  • Modular based design
  • TCP/IP Network controllable
  • LED Indications for monitoring condition and status
  • Internal amplifier module failover mode
  • Amplification modules have software configurable power levels/load options
    • Maximum of 2400 Watts of power in 3 rack spaces
  • Entire device failover mode
  • Seamless integration with CobraNet-enabled Audia systems
  • Dual CobraNet ports for redundancy
  • Configurable with Audia software
  • Controllable with RED-1, daVinci or third party control systems
  • Selectable 115/230 volt operation
Case Studies