AudiaEXPI/O-2 delivers a combination of 2 inputs and 2 outputs in one unit. The option to use Power over Ethernet (PoE) or local power makes them even more versatile. Making CobraNet® access more affordable, Mini-Expanders for Audia expand system boundaries for more scalable, flexible systems anywhere.

  • 2 mic/line analog audio inputs
  • 2 mic/line-level analog audio outputs
  • 2 channels of digital audio output via CobraNet
  • 2 channels of digital audio input via CobraNet
  • Half-rack-width format
  • Power-over Ethernet (PoE) capable
  • May be used to add inputs and outputs to a centralized Audia system or in remote locations
  • Supported using explicit CobraNet I/O blocks in Audia system design software
  • May be used with any CobraNet compliant system or device
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