amp-a460h amplifier

In many conference rooms, while a large digital amplifier would be effective, it would provide more power than the room will ever use. That's why we created the AMP-A460H amplifier. This 4-channel, half-rack amplifier is a perfect match for conference rooms equipped with TesiraFORTÉ devices, and requires no additional software to install. The flexible AMP-A460H is compact and energy efficient, and includes the ability to bridge channels and support constant voltage systems. It’s also quiet enough to be placed in the room or mounted beneath a table without disrupting conferencing activities. Prefer to keep your amplifiers out of sight? The AMP-A460H ships with a mounting kit so it can be housed in a rack.

Happy Conferencing
  • Four channels; 60W per channel
  • Bridgeable channels
  • D-Class amplifier topology
  • Three manual switches provide: constant voltage operation, bridging channels, and a high-pass filter option
  • Supports both 70V and 100V Constant Voltage Systems
  • LED indicators for each output channel
  • Rack mountable; includes mounting kit
  • No additional software needed
  • CE marked, UL listed, and RoHS compliant
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty
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